blocking out the noise…


Blocking out the noise was not something I would naturally do. I had to learn to do it.

My every instinct would urge me to listen to all unnecessary blah blah blah for no apparent reason. No, it’s not gossip. It’s not curiosity. Usually I couldn’t care less. It’s just a deficiency, some error in the system, a bug maybe, pushing me in the wrong direction.

I self-taught me (me, me, me!)  how to meticulously NOT LISTEN to every single stupid piece of information that goes around me. How to stop picking the garbage and start picking the coins, the pieces of gold. And wait till I tell you what great things I discovered!!

Lately I choose which sounds to listen to. I choose which voices to hear. And choosing is healthy. Trust me. I know what I’m talking ‘bout. Whether or not I’m wearing my headphones, choosing is my flagship. It is a state of mind. (…like that t-shirt E. used to wear that quoted ‘don’t let the bastards put you down’) It is a safety net, if you like.

Disregarding information is not easy. The brain works in mysterious ways, storing trash, hiding crucial information and totally removing important data. It’s almost as if our hard disks have crashed and we cannot access parts of our memory, whilst at the same time some of our files and folders accidentally end up in our recycle bins.

Well, no one said it was going to be easy… perhaps only hard things are worthwhile.


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