only women bleed, and other thoughts of a raisin girl


There’s 2 things I should tell you about Tori Amos.

1) One she’s my fave girl on the planet and 2) She usually is the only one person understanding her lyrics. So here’s a little help for all those non-torifilles, as quoted at:

«The cereal bowl is used as a metaphor for divisions among women. The «Cornflake Girls» are narrow-minded while the «Raisin Girls» are open to new ideas.»

I think it must have been one of those moments, when a man just sits down and thinks what a great and honourable and hard thing it must be to be a woman. Such must have been the moment when Alice Cooper (a man with a woman’s name!) wrote ‘only women bleed’.

To give birth, to mother, to feed, to look after, to seduce, to offer a smile and a hug without much calculation or effort, to love, to nourish, to comfort, to look and feel and act softer.

This woman is at a turning point. She is, in fact, turning 35 this June. So, what is the fuss about? Well, it’s not about the new lines-wanna be wrinkles. Not that I didn’t invest in a new, enhanced, wrinkle-fighter earlier this month, but still this is a mere detail. It’s not even about new roles and the responsibility that lies right next to them. No, it’s not about the speeding years laughing by.

‘This girl has got potential’. I’ve heard this a lot in my prime years. ‘She can go places.’

Wasted potential, that’s the scariest part. BEING WORRIED ABOUT LOST POTENTIAL. And don’t kid yourself, I’m not just talking about career here. IT COULD BE ANYTHING. From the lost train (like in that great film ‘sliding doors’ ) to the lost job, to the lost evenings spent in front of the telly, to the lost nights spent sober, to the lost days spent in the shadow of ignorance, to the lost weekends spend without friends and loved ones.

It is about the realisation that when mum said, ‘sorry love, I don’t have time for this right now,’ she meant every word she said. Scary isn’t it?

Fighting to squeeze in manicures and facials, with a 60-hour work week, newly discovered wife-ing with work relations and friendship, the balances seem endless. And the goals even more and most of the times conflicting.

I am not making any discoveries here. Just browsing through any women’s magazine will tell you the same thing. Women juggle personal and professional roles, being employees or employers, managers or assistants, lovers and friends, daughters and mothers, while being THEMSELVES.

They care about fashion, beauty, culture, politics, decoration, the arts, ecology, fitness, health, economics, children and the future of this planet.

Women do the shopping or when they don’t do the shopping they do the planning. Or when they don’t do the planning they do the coordinating. They manage homes. They walk their dogs (statistically more often than their partners.) They write/blog, or in any other way EXPRESS themselves. They cook, they clean, or they hire another woman to cook and clean for them. And at the end of the day they still manage to look great, or at least decent, but nevertheless sweet. They manage a smile. And they still have energy to do more (if necessary). It’s like they work on rechargeable batteries. You can count on them.


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  1. Oh this woman is much older, but she remembers the years of balancing a thousand chores. For her life seems to move faster now. And she wants to share a secret with you. A woman is at her best between 40 and 45. Remember that. This woman is not afraid about losing anything including potential. Because whatever you create or you earn is yours forever. This woman only cares about the well being of her loved ones. Which is the definition of Woman in the first place.
    Lovely indeed the way you think.


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