live you myth in…



Azure sparkling beaches, golden sand,  pristine whitewashed houses, architectural harmony, minimalistic lines, the unique Aegean light, games in blue and white.

Have you ever wondered what the population of this country of morons would be if we weren’t conned by all this beauty, if we weren’t in love with Greece, if it didn’t hurt so much to love our country. If we weren’t enslaved to its beauty.

How many more would have «tried their luck» elsewhere? How many would have saided away to Germany, USA, Australia, UK, WHEREVER.

Where things «get done fair and square», where it doesn’t matter WHO you know, but WHAT you know, where TALENT is not WASTED and VALUE is MEASURED.

This is NOT on ode to beauty.

This is NOT about how great and super-duper, and amazing and fantastic and exciting Greece is.

Hell, this is NOT another Come to Greece gia na ti vris…

This is a never-gonna-be-replied querry; how something so touched by the Gods, so perfect is every way, can be ruled by such self-destructive forces?

Well, Greece can be a lot of things, but stupid us, live in its crazy capital, Athens, a city on her knees.

Begging, crawling, trying to lift its ancient memory on its sore shoulders. Bearing the same name with ancient Athens is a legacy, not to be taken lightly. Yet, we, modern greeks, have f….. things up. We have failed ourselves. We have managed to turned the pointing finger towards us.

«Those responsible for the crisis should be punished, said President of the Republic Karolos Papoulias while talking with the Prime Minister before journalists. The latter briefed the President on the developments in economy after the new package of austerity measures was released. «I’m certain that the Greek people will respond, but they have to be convinced there will be justice. That tax evasion will be combated. That those who got rich at the expense of the Greek people will be punished,» stressed Papoulias, further noting, «each crisis has its own potentials.» «It is up to every one of us to turn this crisis into a chance,» underlined the Prime Minister.»

Ashes to ashes.

Let’s hope for resurection, we’re Christians for Christ’s sake!

…My mama said to get things done you better not mess with major Tom.


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