Blogging away with it… all messed up



The other day, I noticed this huge Hello Kitty clock at a student’s desk. And suddenly it dawned on me! My fixation with bows, my girlie Oversized Bow Alice Band is none other than A FLASHBACK on my own Hello Kitty days.

Yap, I am better off WITHOUT facebook.

On May 31st my hubby said, ‘Come here, love, I’ve found your next best TV show’. Reluctantly at first, more intrigued when I noticed his wide smile, I sat next to him on our sofa and decided to give it a go.

Jamie does… this is my new thing, God how well this man (hubby) knows me. Wish I knew him that well!

Anyways, so we sat side by side, while Jamie (Oliver) started his Mediterranean magic … in Greece! This was Jamie does Athens, but up till this moment, I’ve already had a go at the Spanish, Swedish, French culinary journey.  Perhaps you’re gonna think I’ m exaggerating when I tell you, the man makes the best Greek salad you’ve ever laid eyes on, the wickedest souvlaki and the most back-to-the-roots kakavia.

Anyways, here we are, watching Jamie do his thing, the man who always had an affair with herbs, fresh mint, juicy tomatoes and the rest, being blessed to cook in the land that offers all these in abundance.

That night, I went to bed and I couldn’t sleep. I was tossing and turning… my favourite topic, TIME, was on my mind again. (long time, no see)

As Jamie, made the best of what he’d got, using sea water to boil his fish stew, I was thinking of my precious ingredients, my time, my people, myself, my dog. And I was reconsidering the recipe of my life, and thinking that working 9-9 perhaps gives me an excuse to want to just lose myself in the computer… but as June approaches (it was the 30th of May) and my work schedule goes back to 9-6, should I cook something special out of my life? Should I use the freshest produce, and dumb the tins and the microwave meals?

Should I perhaps enjoy longs walks, or swims, or just lazing in the balcony with summer cocktails instead of cooking yet another bunch of chickens for my cafe world, or harvesting yet another bunch of roses for my farm-f-vile?

Should I perhaps quit the silly wall posts, the new status and the new prof pics, the likes and the comments, the awaiting for feedback on new posts/pics/comments/likes/ what the hell! Who cares, anyway? Should I perhaps just call someone if I want to talk instead of texting them or chatting them or whatever?

Should I perhaps go out, and get a drink or two, or a bite to eat and stop worrying what “events” to RSVP and what not to?

Should I perhaps stick to the 2-3 maybe 5 true friends and toss the list of 200 where it belongs?

Well if Jamie is the inspiration, and Jamie is all about freshness, seasoning and spices, then these will be my goals for my 36th year. (coming up soon)

Facebook stopped being tasteful a long time ago, well I’d created the account sometime in 2007, so I guess it takes about a year before it becomes a bore, and then it evolves into a habit, and then it evolves into this thing that you do, but you don’t know why you do it… like it’s part of your everyday life, but it’s totally useless…

Well, just like ciggies, facebook and I stopped being buddies, as suddenly and abruptly as we’d started. And I’m not looking back.

So, next day, although I felt awfully tired, having slept for less than 3 hours the night before, I logged in my favourite facebook and got to work. It took about 3-4 hours to delete all posts, photos, messages, etc. What a hustle! No one ever said it was gonna be such a nightmare getting the hell out!


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  1. Μαριζάκι λυπάμαι που εφυγες αλλά σε καταλαβαίνω παίρνει τόσο άσκοπο χρόνο την στιγμή που μπορείς να διαβάσεις ή να κάνεις κάτι όχι μόνο πιο χρήσιμο αλλά και πιο διασκεδαστικό. Θα τα λέμε εδώ στο ωραίο σου blog.


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