…you’d stumble in my footsteps


Lately I’ve been wearing lots of colourful, high-heeled shoes. And beaded flats. Have you noticed, too, that high heels are not only back on track, but also that they are comfortably higy these days!

I can’t help but post something light and fashion-y it’s summer and all, and I’m getting too lazy to write down my very own thoughts, and honestly think you are even lazier to read them, so, a sight for sore eyes, this one is going to be….

IMAGES BELOW:  NY Magazine, http://nymag.com/fashion/fashionshows/2010/spring/

leather platform, Prada

Woven leather sandal with neon trim detail, Jimmy Choo

Peep-toe wedge, Steve Madden

Studded suede flat with ankle cuff, Giuseppe Zanotti for Balmain

Leopard-print ponyskin sandals with ankle ties, Christian Louboutin

Rhinestone T-strap flat, Gap

Leather lace-up pump with cut-out detail, Pour la Victoire

Embroidered leather sandal, Lanvin

Burberry Prorsum


brightly coloured string and espadrille style stiletto heels, Kenzo


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