gold dust


I am typing at the balcony. It’s too warm to stay inside. Too warm and too…. summery, you just can’t contain yourself between walls these days. I mean you have to in the mornings, in the office, and God this office is a nightmare and a sweet dream at the same time! When I first laid my eyes upon it, I tried to remain calm and not open my mouth wide, but rest assured I couldnt’ believe my luck! and was thinking «Oh my God, I’m going to be working and enjoying such amazing sea views!» And when it actually happens, it hits you! You are going to be working, THEY are going to be swimming! 🙂

Anyway, what was I saying? Me at the balcony, the dog sitting next to me, playfully waging its tail, as if she can read my mind. I’m thinking of backless dresses, tanned shoulders, happy beaded necklaces, caftans and the usual flip flops. I’m thinking of the blue horizon, the soft evening breeze upon the sunkissed skin, the tantalising feeling, thirsty lips on the beach, aching for watermelon or maybe just another dip in the water.

and the sun on your face, I’m freezing that frame…

how did it go so fast you’ll say as we are looking back

and then we’ll understand we held gold dust in our hands

I’m guessing it’s anyday now, that the calendar will read July 22nd. Flight time again! I’m gonna hop on planes, cars and ferries again! Heading to new, undiscovered territory!  But until that day, the days will drag themselves, relentlessly and effortlessly, sad and happy, or happy and sad, just like this song, that I’m non-stop playing as I’m typing these thoughts.

Have you heard they actually wipe the sand off the street lamps in Dubai? They want everything to be spotless.

A friend just texted me earlier. She thinks she’s in love. Well then, it’s summer alright. And this one’s dedicated to her.


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