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The seafront Blu Restaurant is found just a few km from Rovinj, enjoying a beautiful view of its picturesque harbour.

Three km north of Rovinj’s old town, perched on the sea in the Borik section of town, Blu is the epitome of Istrian seaside elegance. The cozy dining room has a wall of windows to the sea, a couple of stone terraces, tables on an ivy-covered patio, and a spectacular canopied table at the breakwater’s edge. There’s simply no bad table here. One terrace juts out into the sea, where you’re so close you can look at the crustaceans on the sea floor in between courses. Expect refined seafood dishes that showcase the bounty of the Adriatic waters; for example, tagliatelle with crayfish and baby zucchini, or monkfish carpaccio. It’s hard to beat this class act for a quiet, romantic dinner.

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The setting is picture-perfect!

We head start with some pizza-style bread with rosemary, sea salt and award-winning olive oil produced a few miles away. We continue with tortellini and salad and then move on to our main courses, each with the typical boiled potatoes on the side.

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