a beach like… Robinson’s


To get to Robinson beach in Hvar, you either walk along a footpath for a mere 40 min or you hire a boat.

If you would prefere not to walk, call Domagoj, the owner, chef and waiter. He will set up a boat for your!

Either way, your journey is wortwhile.

Not only a lovely cove with quiet crystal clear waters awaits, but an authentic dalmatian cuisine paradise is there for you to explore with all your senses.

Situated in an idyllic bay, Robinson is about a 40-minute walk along the beach east of Hvar Town’s main harbor. When you arrive—look for a weathered wood sign shaped like a fish—ask the owner, Domagoj Vekić, what’s available that day. Chances are he will rattle off a round of delectable choices such as octopus salad, spit-roasted shrimp covered with cheese and served with eggplant, marinated sardines, and fish stew made with tomatoes and garlic. If your choice is the catch of the day, Domagoj will clean the fish from a stone perch above the water and take it back to his kitchen hut to grill. Guests relax on the bleached-white stone beach until lunch is ready. Afterwards, take a dip in the impossibly clear waters. Because the restaurant is open odd days, it’s best to call ahead before making the trek down the beach.



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  1. Τα ειδα ολα μαζεμενα. Πολυ ομορφες οι ακτες της Κροατιας. Κι εσυ φαινεσαι χαρουμενη και να απολαμβανεις. Και του χρονου καλοκαιρινες διακοπουλες.


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