Dobre Den! Welcome to Hvar!


Coming from the central part of the island or using the road from the ferry harbour we arrive at the magnificent piazza, a square generally considered the most beautiful of the kind in Dalmatia, dominated by St. Stephen’s Cathedral and bordered by the palaces of Groda and by the cascading stone-built houses of Burag.

Already occupied by the Illyrians, Hvar developed further under the Greeks from Paros island. The name Hvar is none other than the paraphrase of the greek word Pharos, while the old town (Stari Grad) still holds signposts that read Pharos and Pharia.

The Romans soon followed and brought vines and wine cultivation which blossomed into a major industry for the island in the Middle Ages. Most of the town’s beautiful sculpture dates from the Renaissance.

Stopping for a quick bite, we watch the local old ladies boasting their handmade merchandise to the passing by tourists.

Soon the night falls and hundreds of lights light up the star-shiny Riva Promenade.



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