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Lately I received a comment which absolutely thrilled me! As I am typing these words, I realise that I actually haven’t commented on any comments before. So what was different about this one, then?

Blogging is like living at this picturesque, yet deserted island where you call your friends but they’re always too busy to visit. Other islanders visit instead! They come to buy grocery and sell bread. They arrive with wide-eyed smiles and heavy bags, and they knock on your door, just to say helo! On this island, you’re alone most of the time. Only from time to time, an unfamiliar face shows up and it is not another islander, it is not a friend. It is some traveller, visiting out of honest curiosity. And then you are touched. Cause you thought you’d never see those kind of faces, here in this deserted island you have chosen to breathe and be.

The last couple of weeks, life decided to teach me a few lessons. It was right about time too!

I’ve learnt that a man’s paradise is another man’s nightmare. That we all measure happiness with different scales, different measurement units, different perspectives. While I am counting my blessings in inches you are counting in cm.

I’ve learnt that the past will always belong in the present. I’ve re-established a bridge with my youth and rediscovered that I am remembered by those I remember, I am thought of with love by those I think of with love.

I’ve learnt I can’t count on people I thought I could always count on. I’ve seen the ugly truth and that can be a depressing revelation, yet all eye-openers are welcome, sadness with pass and then at least I will be left with facts, not make believe.


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